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Jet Skis with the Captain

Join us on the best jet ski tour in the Florida Keys! You won’t forget this one.


Jet Skis at Captain Hook’s

Long ago, the Captain used to travel with his lovely ladies on a special trip around the island. He would woo them with his Keys-ish charm, beautiful scenery, and exotic Florida Keys life. He would sail his small boat many nights under the moonlight, always discovering new places that would awe his lady friends.

Lucky for you, we were able to retrace the Captain’s steps, and we made a jet ski tour out of it! We may not woo you like the old captain once did, but we sure will show you a good time. We’ve stumbled across many hidden treasures like old bomb shells, sunken ships, bird island and much more. We believe we’ve even found the Captain’s very own legendary love boat. Don’t miss the best jet ski tour in the Keys. Book your tour today!

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