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Frank’s Shirt

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  • Ultra-soft feel, cool and comfortable men’s performance long sleeve fishing shirt.
  • Each long sleeve t-shirt is printed using Enviro Safety Water based Dye, then hand cut and sewn one at a time to your specific order request.
  • We guarantee that the clothing will surpass any regular print and will never peel, crack or flake. Our performance apparel fabric stretches when you need it so your movement is never restricted.
  • Each garment is made using the highest quality fabrics and dye sublimated with state of the art printing technology.
  • Our cooling fabrics works great to keep you cool and comfortable while giving you a barrier of protection against the rigors of the sun and ocean environment.
  • Proudly Made in the USA, 100% Percent Microfiber-Pol, Moisture wicking technology, Odor resistant, Stain release, Sun protection UPF 50 Rating.
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Frank Silfka

Scuba Instructor, Repair technician, CPR/First Aid/AED/Marine Life Injuries, Neurological Assessment Instructor, Program Leader for Coral Restoration Programs.

“Our coral reefs have been under attack from climate change for the last 40 years. The main culprit is the intense increase in our ocean’s water temperature. Corals prefers waters between 70 and 85 degrees F. Higher temperature’s stress the corals and make them more susceptible to pollution and disease. We have lost a great deal of our coral cover all over the world. Coral reefs make up less than 1% of our ocean’s topography but house more than 25% of all ocean species. Corals are very important. In recent years science has discovered how to grow corals in both land based and marine nurseries. Eco-minded divers now have the opportunity to care for and out plant healthy corals. We have a chance to save our reefs and to help promote the health of our ocean’s. Come and join us at Capt. Hook’s in doing our part for the Florida Keys Reef tract.”

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