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Capt. Hook’s is owned by a family that considers themselves very fortunate to have the parents that we had, that loved us and sacrificed plenty to make sure we succeeded. Oh, we let them down on occasion, and we were stupid at times, but they were always there for us. My mother was the anchor of the family, she sacrificed so much for us. Her happiness was embedded in our happiness and success, and hell, every now and then, we would actually come through for her.
My father was a tough World War II Marine. One hundred percent disabled since Iwo Jima in his early twenties, he taught us an appreciation for the military because of the struggles he endured. He is our hero. He never encouraged any of us to join any branch of the service. I think he felt his injuries were enough sacrifice for the family and didn’t want any of us to go through that.
This country is very fortunate to have the service men and women that we have had serving her. There is no greater sacrifice, and many have sacrificed it all. We also realize that the whole family serves as we have seen and experienced this first hand.
As a small company in the Florida Keys, we want our veterans and our active military to know that we are here for you. Out of respect for our father, and in the spirit of the love that we received from our mother, we look for ways to give back to the vets that give us an opportunity to own a business and build lives for ourselves and our children. Please join us for this free event. Space is limited and will fill up quickly, so make your plans and give us a call.