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Please read through our list of frequently asked questions below.

Where are we diving?

It is normally “ The Captains Choice”. Our captains have already checked the wind conditions, water VIZ from the early morning charter captains, radar and weather reports for the morning, afternoon and night predictions. Our captains will choose the best site for wind conditions and VIZ. We can normally be very accommodating depending on the weather.

How deep are the sites?

Inside of the reef ranges between 15’ to 32’. Outside the reef 55’+

Are snorkelers and divers on the same boat?

Yes. The snorkelers relief is about 14’-15’. There is no where you can stand up on the ocean floor. The divers use the ledges for depths to 32’.

When is the best time to come to dive or snorkel?

Summer is always clear and usually smooth.
The rest of the year depends on the weather.
February and March are typically a little windy.

What thickness wetsuit should I bring ?

We have 3 mill suits to rent (fulls or shorts). Only in the winter does it really get cold enough for a thicker wet suit.

Can I rent scuba gear for a dive trip?

Yes, if you have a SCUBA certification card or proof of a SCUBA certification.

  • Mask: $5
  • Fins: $5
  • Snorkel: $2
  • BCD: $12.
  • Regulator set: $12
  • Wetsuit: $8-$14

What is included in the price for snorkeling?

$ 38.00+tax includes two one-hour snorkel sites for approximately 55 minutes at each site.

It also includes a snorkel vest and water to drink.

Do I have to be able to swim to snorkel?


Do you go to Sombrero Lighthouse Sanctuary to dive or snorkel?

Only occasionally if we are looking for great visibility. It is to the West of both our Marathon Sanctuaries, Looe Key and Coffins Patch.

What size wet suits do we rent for our trips or for offsite outings (Dolphin Research Center, family outings etc.) ?

  • Childrens Full and short XXS-XL
  • Womens Full and short 4-18
  • Mens Full and short S-5XL
  • On our boat trips the cost is $8 or $10 per day
  • For offsite the cost is $12 or$14 per day

Are there marine heads on Captain Hooks boats (bathrooms)?

3 of our larger Corinthian boats (48’) have marine heads. The 2 smaller boats (36’) do not.

How many dive sites does Captain Hooks offer?

  • Marathon offers over 40 sites.
  • Looe Key offers 30 ball hooks ups inside Key National Marine Sanctuary.
  • Key West offers over 30 sites

Does Captain Hooks have any wreck diving?


  • Marathon: The ThunderBolt at 130’ and Flaglers Barge at 28’.
  • Looe Key: Aldolphus Busch Sr. at 110’
  • Key West: The Vandenberg at 50’ – 140’and Cayman Salvager at 110’.

What is the water temperature?

  • Spring: 76F / 24C
  • Summer: 84F / 30C
  • Winter: 72F / 22C
  • Fall: 80+F / 27C

What is included is the pricing for SCUBA diving?

$89.00 plus tax includes 2 different dive sites for approximately 55 minutes at each site, complimentary dive guide in the water for scuba divers, 2 air tanks (aluminum 80’s), weights and water to drink.

You must have your SCUBA certification card or proof of your certification to SCUBA dive.

Does Captain Hooks offer package deals on diving?

Yes. The first 2 boat trips (4 dives) are $89.

Any dive trip after the first 2 trips are only $79 per dive trip.

This includes air tanks and weights. Dive gear is not included.

Can a person ride on the boat and not snorkel or dive?

Yes. The cost is $25

How old does a child have to be to ride on the boat or snorkel?

A child needs to be at a least 3 years old and accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. The child must wear their own personal life jacket and keep it on at all times.

Does Captain Hooks provide a guide in the water on all dives?

Yes. They are there to point out things of interest to the group, keep track of time and the location of the boat. We offer a private dive master service for divers who need personal attention for $75.

Do we rent fishing rods with reels?

Yes. The cost is $10 per day and includes a light tackle rod and reel with a hook and a small amount of weight. We do have both fresh and live bait and fishing supplies for sale.

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