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You have bit the bullet..  You have purchased a really nice mask that will last you a really long time (if you take care of it!!), be comfortable, doesn’t leak and the color (bright yellow) is fabulous!! AND it will not stop fogging up!!  You are completely miserable and it’s because you haven’t properly cleaned the inside surface of the lenses in your mask…

Every manufacturers places a very thin coating on the inside of a masks lenses.  If it is not removed the condensation when you breathe will get between the coating and the glass and the mask will NEVER stop fogging.

You can use either a toothpaste with abrasion (the whitening agent that polishes your teeth) or my favorite, Soft Scrub.  Clean the inside using swirling pressure moves.  Cover the entire surface and let it dry. Then rinse the mask with warm soapy water and dry throughly.

Now Do Not breath through your nose and it should never fog again!!!!!  If you are a nose breather you mask will always have condensation problems….. So don’t breath through your nose!!!