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According to the 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards of Scuba Diving Magazine, Florida and the Florida Keys rank as the Best Overall for diving in the United States and Canada.  

Our dive rates in the Keys are very competitive. We are accessible from anywhere in the world, but more importantly, especially with the challenges of travel today, we are in the United States, and divers can get to us by international and domestic flights, as well as by driving down into the Keys.

SCUBA diving in the Florida Keys has a number of things going for it. It is an outdoor sport in which the coronavirus has little chance of survival and is not transferred in saltwater.  Capt. Hook’s has a vast number of dive sites available to you. It is time to call it your new sport.

At Capt. Hook’s, we have three locations throughout the Middle and Lower Keys.  Our first location, acquired in 2005, is in Marathon, Florida.  We have some 40 different sites that we can visit, and we are exploring more sites every year.  From our docks, we can access all of the recreational diving wrecks in the Marathon areas and the two Special Preservation Areas, Coffins Patch and Sombrero Key at the Sombrero Light.

Our second location in Big Pine Key, was acquired in June 2017, with the primary purpose of adding another Special Preservation Area, Looe Key and the Adolphus Busch Sr. wreck to our resume. Looe Key is massive and ever changing, so a diver could explore Looe Key for a lifetime and still not see all there is to see.  It is also one of the most diverse sites in the Keys.  It is a wonderful site to snorkel and dive.

From this location, we are expanding our dive repair services as well, to include numerous brands of dive equipment, air fills, visual cylinder inspections (VIPs) and hydrostatic pressure testing of scuba tanks (hydros).

Our third location, what we call Dive Key West, is located on Roosevelt Blvd on your way into downtown Key West.  It was acquired in April of 2019 for three reasons: 1) to add more wrecks to our offering to include the USNS Vandenberg, the premier wreck on all of the Keys, and the Cayman Salvager; 2) to add another Special Preservation Area in the Western Sambos for snorkeling and reef diving and 3) to continue works with the US military forces medical professional students that we had been a part of as a subcontractor to the previous owners of Dive Key West.

Note:  We have been expanding into an another business center of ours called Capt. Hook’s MTAC (Medical Training in Austere Conditions).  This business center is managed by Dr. Matt Welder.  Dr. Welder is a board-certified anesthesia provider and retired Army officer who is nationally recognized as an innovative leader in operational readiness.

MTAC, Medical Training in Austere Conditions, is a business whose origins come from a core belief that we can get better at saving lives under conditions that are far from perfect, if we learn and train with those that have done this in the field and have saved lives. We also understood that this training is not readily available to people in the medical, public health and emergency fields, and we have the formula to bring it to those people who need it. It is our goal to make the Florida Keys, the Dive Medicine Capital of the World.

A special thank you goes out to Carmen Powers for providing a truly special photograph of our reefs.

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