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Eagle rays and sting rays, reef sharks and nurse sharks, sea turtles and pelagic species that frequent the wrecks, dolphins and even manatees are all a reasons the Keys have ranked Number Two for Big Animal encounters, according to the 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards of Scuba Diving Magazine.

If you are a naturalist, you will find out that the Florida Keys ecosystem is the place for you to visit and observe. Above the surface and below, the diversity of animal and marine life is truly amazing and is the reason for the number of rankings the Florida Keys has received in the 2021 Reader’s Choice Awards.

Our wrecks throughout the Keys are a big reason for Big Animal encounters.  These structures become homes for many local species like Goliath & Back Groupers, barracudas, jacks, angelfish (some of the biggest in the world) and and a great variety reef species.  The wrecks becomes oasis for many of the large pelagic and even backcountry game species at given times of the year, like tarpon, permit, cobia and more as they migrate with the bait fish.

Having a National Marine Sanctuary is another reason for big animal encounters. Special Preservation Areas (SPAs) in the sanctuary have been set up so no fishing can take place within their boundaries.  These areas allow the fish and marine life to thrive and grow bigger because of the lack of pressure on them.  The marine life is happier and you will be too, because there is often more to see.

There are many reasons to be in the Keys, the weather, the people and the relaxed atmosphere, the food, especially seafood but if you are an explorer this is your home away from home. If you are a diver, you will see somethings that most people never see in a lifetime and we know you will love it.

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